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Selected Portfolio

As a filmmaker and storyteller, I tell stories that that shine a light on topics we think we know, whether it's mental health, domestic violence, cults, dysfunctional families, fitting into the world, or so much more. The goal is to spark discussions and allow you, as a viewer, to experience the world from another point of view.

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So Long, Farewell (Coming Soon)

Feature. Six years after their high school graduation, a group of gifted theater students return to their small Wisconsin town for the funeral of a former classmate.

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The Castle (2021-2022)

Webseries. In the 1980s, an aspiring world traveler becomes one five winners of an all expenses paid trip to a castle in the Scottish Highlands.

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Time in a Bottle (2022)

Short. In the 1970s, a bubbly photographer falls in love with a charming man, only to realize that he's not the person she believed him to be.

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Eagle Rock (2019)

Short. A young woman in prison for murder reflects on what led her to the crime, the cult she was a part of and her relationship with its leader.

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