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ALL OUR YESTERDAYS: Coming June 26th!

It's so hard to believe, but my debut novel, All Our Yesterdays, is almost here! It's been a very long and very wild ride to get there, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you what this story means to me and what I hope you'll take from it. I've been a writer, creator, and storyteller for my entire life, so it's crazy to think that this is my first full-length project I'm putting out into the world in finished form.

I sought to tell a story about art and its capacity to make sense of the world around us. Each character in the novel filters their experience into their art in different ways. But there's a particular visceral quality about music and how a song can convey so many different things at once. And what has a greater presence than a love song? What inspired the best ones? These are the questions I was first starting to ask seven years ago when I first thought of the idea.

It also, for me, became intertwined with concepts of celebrity, stardom, and how we create parasocial relationships with the people who make our favorite art. We deify and dehumanize them at the same time, stripping away their right to privacy or to simply be fallible. Then, we mock them when they speak up because they make a lot of money. Then, when we get tired of them, we move on to the next fresh face (I recently watched two very eloquent videos on this topic: Very Toxic Parasocial Fans and Stop Objectifying Jacob Elordi, Maybe). Yet, this all happens for a reason. It's natural to feel a strong emotional reaction to someone's work, but that doesn't mean we know anything about them. Art is one of the most powerful things on this earth. It makes our existence last beyond the fleeting nature of time.

Art can be so many things; it's a movie, a play, a TV show, a book, and of course, a piece of music. But it's also a candid photo of a loved one, a recipe for a meal, and so much more. Art makes our memories into something tangible. It's proof that we were here, and existed. It's why I write, because I want other people connect with my characters and by extension, the things that matter to me.

I don't want to say too much more than that because I want you to pick up the book and experience it for yourself. Check out what some of the advance readers have to say...

"This book is gripping and almost impossible to put down. From the start, Eleanor Wells pulls readers in with her eloquent prose. Readers will get a clear sense of the characters' physical and emotional worlds. The characters all have their own distinct personalities, which adds to the "realness" of Marcy's world.... I think fans of coming-of-age fiction, and memoir-styled novels will be drawn to this sensational read."

"Overall, the novel is a thoroughly enjoyable, character-led drama, occupied by a protagonist determined to find herself and her place in life. It is a beautifully told story, written by an author who knows how to tell a moving tale."

"There haven't been many times in my life where I connected with a story as personally as I did with All Our Yesterdays... I can't recommend [it] enough - whether you're a child of the 2000s like me or someone who just loves classic, emotional storytelling."

"Wells’s writing is very lyrical and descriptive, permeating each page with a sense of yearning and melancholy that stays with the readers long after the last chapter. This makes her novel not just another love story but a meditation on time itself through its moments in youth."

Kindle Pre-Orders are available NOW! Print copies can be ordered on release day, and an audio version is in the works with my friends and Spectre Wolf. Stay tuned...

Me in a recording session for the audiobook!

Until next time, I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

There was one of Cole on stage with his guitar, unmistakable. The blurry quality of the photo made it all the more real, more raw and unfiltered, like a genuine moment in life and not something produced.

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