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About Me & 2024 Goals

Updated: Jan 9

A Still from Feature Presentation (2017), my Emerson College BA Capstone project

If you’re here, first of all, welcome. I see this website, and by extension, this blog, as a portal into my inner world and the topics, people and situations that interest me. To the people who don’t know me, you might wonder why you should care, why you should spend your hard earned time and money engaging with my work when there are so many other options out there, more than you could ever possibly cover in a lifetime.

First and foremost, I see storytelling, no matter the medium, as the study of humanity. Why are we here on this earth? I firmly believe that there is far more that unites us that could ever bring us apart. All of us want to be loved, accepted and feel as though we have a place in the world and a purpose on this earth. Still, each of us experiences the world just a little bit differently, and as such, we bring those unique perspectives into our work. The more specific you get, the more universal you become. This takes on an infinite amount of forms, and as writers, I feel that the best we can do is speak to what’s truthful for us.

On set for Time in a Bottle (2022)

Much has been said about the power of a great story. Not only do they help us make sense of this crazy thing we call life, but they bring us together. As a writer, I don’t believe in looking at the world, in terms of black or white, good and evil. Our species exists on an infinite spectrum of gray. In real life, things don’t wrap up in neat bows. Life is a constant journey of endings and beginnings. My goal as a storyteller is to create three-dimensional characters who have a rich inner life that exists outside of the page and the screen. 

Alex might be a murderer, but my goal was always to examine the series of events that led her down that path. Carol, meanwhile, sees the best in people, and wants to capture something that’s worth preserving forever. Through Dorothy’s eyes, we see how money isn’t everything, and how while all of us might come from different backgrounds, the same fundamental desires drive us all. Laura Wingfield, Tennessee Williams’ heroine who I was so lucky to bring to life as an actor, just wants to know that she is not a freak. 

Me as Laura Wingfield in PM&L Theatre's production of The Glass Menagerie (2022)

This approach doesn’t stop only at my heroines, but extends to each one of my characters. People often ask me what characters in my stories represent me, and the long answer is that I put a piece of myself, or at least something human, in each and every single one of them. Empathy goes a long way in our world today, and that’s what my approach is all about. 

What are your favorite books, movies, plays, TV shows? Why do you love them? Chances are it’s because something spoke to you that you found truthful. In terms of the work I’ve actually produced, I feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface of the stories I want to tell, to the point that the scratch is barely even visible. There’s a lot in store for the next year, and I hope you will follow me throughout it all.

A little preview…

On January 21st, we will be performing a staged reading of my feature So Long, Farewell, a script that has been in the works for thirteen years through my production company Cinderella Pictures. It is a deeply personal story about growing up as an artist in a small Midwestern town, creation for the sake of nothing other than the joy of creation. the loss of innocence that comes with adulthood, and the timeless nature of art juxtaposed with our fleeting existence on this earth. Our talented cast is going to bring their all to this material and I can’t wait for you all to see it. 

A scene from All Our Yesterdays, art by Evgenya Kim (AsheskArt)

All Our Yesterdays, my debut novel, is eying an early summer 2024 release. This story has been in the works for six years, and it’s only the beginning of big plans I have for this story and universe. It’s Daisy Jones and The Six meets Normal People set in the pop music scene of the early aughts. Click the link for more.

Follow me @eleanorwellswriter on Instagram and Threads, @allouryesterdaysnovel on Facebook, and @cinderellamotionpictures on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to this page and feel free to drop me a line if you want to connect!

Onwards and upwards. Let's make it an amazing year of creation.

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