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a novel about falling in love, making art, and building a legacy in the early aughts

Advance Praise for All Our Yesterdays

"I never cry over books. Like, ever. This one had me trying and failing to keep it together."

"The characters were charming and the emotional moments deeply resonated." 

"A reflection on how we don't always appreciate the blessings we're given."

"Thought-provoking and well-told story. The writing was insightful and engaging... authentic to the era of 90s and early 2000s."

It’s the summer of 1999 in rural Minnesota, and eighteen-year-old Marcy Lewis is at a crossroads. Having graduated high school without committing to college, she wonders about the meaning of her life and what she is meant to achieve. On a trip with her sister to New York City, she meets up and coming musician Cole Hargrove, and the spark between the two of them is instantaneous. After Cole is inspired to write music about her, he becomes one of the biggest names in music and Marcy is thrust into a world of wealth and fame unlike anything she’s ever known. As she is inspired to pursue her own artistic endeavors, Marcy finds herself torn between her sense of identity and status as one of pop’s greatest muses. 

COMING JUNE 26th, 2024


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City Street



Marcy Lewis is the narrator and protagonist. We first meet her as a fresh high school graduate. Taking a gap year, she feels lost and directionless. She's called to the arts but not sure where she fits into the adult world she's about to enter. All of these things are running through her head as she embarks on a trip to New York City with her sister, a graduation present from their parents-- her first time going somewhere without them.


Cole Hargrove is Marcy's love interest. We first meet him as a twenty-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter from a working-class Queens family. As he secures what gigs he can and dreams of something more, he and Marcy cross paths, and there's an instant spark. As he'll soon learn, the universe has greater plans in store for him and his music.


Olive Sherman is the beautiful and talented pop idol of the nineties and aughts. An actress and a singer-songwriter, by her mid-twenties, she's won Oscars and Grammys, and projects an image of a real-life Disney princess. Growing up, Marcy was a fan. When they actually meet, Marcy learns there's much more to her than the image she projects.

Character Art by Vivian Deimler

Shooting Star


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